Self-Proclaimed Vegan Chef. Wildlife Enthusiast. Amateur Printmaker. Kayaking Aficionado. Right-Brain Ninja.

I grew up on graphic novels and comic books (which explains why I am such a geek). My love for design began at an early age by teaching myself drawing techniques and using those skills to attend fine art school.

As much as I love a good No. 2 pencil and acrylic paint, I found myself wanting to explore the digital world. Once I was introduced to the full Adobe Creative Suite, I knew I had discovered my future. If this sounds like a love story, it is. I still secretly love Flash (now known as Animate). Fine art still finds its way into my designs and I believe this gives me something extra.

I am also a huge advocate for creating beautiful things with a purpose. Function is just as important as aesthetics, because who truly wants just a pretty face without substance?


If you would like to work together or just want to chat about the latest design trends, drop me a line! Take a look at my portfolio to get a feel for the projects I have done for my freelance clients and as an Art Director at Moncur.

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Art Direction
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Information Architecture
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